How to Download Torrent on Windows Phone 8

Torrent download is an easiest way to download movies and other videos on your computer. Few months ago we wrote an ultimate torrent guide for you. Torrent download on computer is easy. But on mobile, it’s a quite new concept.  For Android users, there are many Torrent apps available but for Windows Phone users, there were no single app available to use. But now, there is a dedicated app available on Windows Phone store which can be used to download torrent directly on your mobile phone. The app is known as wpTorrent.

To use this app, download and install it on your phone. After installing you can use this app to search, download and manage torrent files on your phone. This app provides you option to choose the download speed so that it won’t affect your broadband speed too much. After downloading the file, you can easily use the files on your phone or you can transfer the files on your computer using HTTP protocol.


Once downloaded, it provides you many options to select. One of the option is to run the app on background. You can set this app to run on Wi-Fi internet only. There is an option to select the upload/download speed. This app can also runs when you lock your screen. You can select the battery percentage limit on which torrent stops download so that your phone don’t run out of battery. There are options to limit maximum number of simultaneous downloads and search for torrents.

You can use the torrent search engine integrated in this app or use IE to find the torrent. Once stated downloading, you can pause or resume download, or delete the active torrent. If downloading torrent is compatible to play on your mobile devices then you can play it directly from your mobile phone.

Check out wpTorrent on Windows Phone Store.

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