How to Drag Two or More Tabs Simultaneously in Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome offers a tab rearrange feature by which you can easily click on any tab and move it to any position you want. This tab rearrangement is very fast.


Don you know that apart from dragging single tab, you can drag more than one tab at a time. It can be done with the help of keyboard. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Click on a tab you want to drag.

2. Now press “ctrl” button of you keyboard and then click on another tab you want to drag. Note: you have to keep the “ctrl” key pressed during this.

3. Now drag a second tab. It will drag along with the first tab you clicked. While dragging you don’t need to click on a “ctrl” button.

4. Similarly if you want to drag more than two tabs at a time then repeat the process and click on the third tab you want to drag.


This process is not going to save your time much more but it is useful if you want to rearrange tabs in better manner.

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  1. Nice and very simple trick and i am surprised after reading that how this simple trick is never come in my mind. But no problem. Thanks for sharing this nice tips. Keep sharing bro.

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