How to Easily Take Screenshots, Edit Them And Share in Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser became one of the most useful tool for computer users. There are times while working, we required screenshot of a webpage, and we use native print screen option of Windows to perform the activity. Then we edit the image in Microsoft Paint or Picasa tool. This whole process is time consuming. Why don’t we use some extension which perform all these activities in few seconds and give us better way to manage screenshots. Explain and Send screenshots is a Google Chrome extension which performs the same thing. This extension capture a webpage, write text, arrows and circles on it and share it with a direct link to the screenshot without a frame.

Explain and Send Screenshots Chrome

The main advantage of using this app is it can take snapshot of any part of the webpage and later user can upload the screenshot to the cloud or share it to anyone very easily. It provides options to edit images by drawing arrows, lines and circles, and write text on image. After editing you can copy the image on clipboard easily and paste it in your email. You can also download the image on your computer. You can also upload the image on cloud and later send the link to your friends to download it.

Check Out Explain and Send Screenshots for Google Chrome.

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