How To Easily Uninstall Applications In Android JellyBean and ICS

Android bought plenty of changes with it with the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean OS. Plenty of new features were introduced in both the versions of Android and some of them were addressing glaring weaknesses in the mobile OS. ICS definitely was the more revolutionary one as it pretty much revamped the look of a mobile device while JellyBean was more of a performance enhancer of ICS. It bought project Butter that made things absolutely super smooth on the devices running it. However one new feature that came with ICS was the revamped ability to delete applications.

Before ICS you had to either download a third party uninstaller from the play store or had to go to the apps tab in settings and then individually select the application and delete it. All this was a long tedious task. Now thankfully we have an improved way if you want to uninstall any application. In fact this is a method that you might require plenty given that we download loads of applications and have to delete them off when we see no use of them. To uninstall any application on any device running ICS or JB, follow these simple steps.

Open your application menu and pick the application that you need to uninstall from your device. Drag the application right up to top of the screen space and you will see an uninstall tab there, just drop the application there. Once you do that a confirmation of deletion page would open which if you allow to will delete the application from your device. Its an extremely easy procedure. Remember  this may also delete data associated with the particular application.

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