How To Edit PDF Documents Online For Free

Yesterday I got a call from my friend, he was asking for a good software to edit PDF documents. Actually he wanted to edit it as soon as possible because of some urgency in the office. I could easily suggest him some nice and killer PDF editing software but it would take time to download and install it.

Therefore I searched for a web app to perform this task and I found a nice app known as PDFescape. It is a multi functional tool that lets you read and edit the PDF documents online easily and quickly in the three steps.


To get started with the tool, click on the “Start Now” link given at the top. Now you have two options, either you register with the service or start using unregistered. Registering process gives you some extra functionality such as your document will be secure and you can save the files online and edit it later anytime you want.


You can upload PDF file from your computer or load it from internet by giving the link of that file.

Note: This tool comes with the restriction that PDF files mustn’t be more that 2 MB size and greater than 50 pages.


Click on the “Choose file” button to select the file from your computer. If the file is password protected then you can enter the password in the box provided. Click on the “Upload” button.


After uploading the file you can make use of tools given on the left sidebar to insert text, sticky notes, links, arrows rectangle, circle and many more things. If you want to remove any text or image from the PDF, you can use “Whiteout” tool.


After editing, click on the save and download button given on the left. The edited PDF file will be saved online and the download will start immediately on your computer.

Overall this is nice, easy to use tool with a neat and hassle free interface. To use it effectively, don’t mind sign up with the service.

Check out PDF Escape to edit PDF documents online.

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  1. I downloaded the PDFescape and everything seems to be working fine. But every time I save the document it tells me downloading will take awhile then after that information disappears, nothing happens. Is it saved on my desktop or in a particular file. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything resembling my edited file.

  2. Ok ignore my previous question. Ive managed to resolve the problem. I however have another question. If I would like to erase one or two of the pages in the PDF document I am editing how do I do so. So basically removing one page and keeping the other for example.

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