How To Enable Or Disable Transparency in Windows 7

Windows 7 offers many features which enhances the look and feel of the OS. Transparency is one such feature. When you open any window, you can experience the transparency at the edges. It is a nice feature but it needs resources to run.

It consumes your laptop’s battery at the greater rate and hence decrease its life. Also if you want a screenshot to embed it in your blog or some report, transparency sometimes degrades the quality of picture (example screenshot shown below). So, it is better idea to keep it off.


To keep this feature off, right click on the desktop and select the option “Personalize”.


In the personalization windows, click on “Window color” link as shown in the screenshot below.


In Windows color and appearances, uncheck the box next to Enable transparency. Click on “Save changes”.


Now open any windows and check the edges, you won’t find it transparent now. Perferct for taking the screenshots of an area.


All done. That’s how you can disable transparency. To enable the option again, check the box next to “Enable transparency” in Windows color and options window.

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