How to Enable Reading Mode in iOS 7 on Safari

Apple introduced Reading Mode in iOS 6 and it was one of the best features if you are one of those who consumes a lot of information by reading. A clutterfree reading experience without any annoyances of ads or even pictures for that matter was one of the most profound experiences on an iOS device.


However, things changed once again when Apple announced the iOS 7. It was the biggest move away from the traditional symbols and design and Apple completely changed things around. In this change, the Reading Mode button in Safari too mysteriously disappeared. Not really though, it is very simple to enable reading mode on iOS 7.

There has been a cosmetic change and the Reader Button has been changed by a more simple and neat paragraph button. You will find it right next to the search field in the form of a paragraph button. Clicking on this will enable the reading mode as long as the website supports the version. Although this was a change that wasnt required, you have to feel that the new icon kind of floats along the new design language that Apple has put out and goes well with it.

So, there you have it, it is still just as easy as it ever was to enable the reading  mode on iOS 7.

Via: iGeeksBlog

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