How to Enable Windows XP Virtualization Mode in Windows 7

Although, nearly all the software and applications work well in windows 7, it is sometimes difficult to run old software, applications or games which were designed to work in Windows XP. To solve this problem, Microsoft provides support for a Windows XP virtual machine which means that you can run Windows XP within Windows 7.

But for this you will need a processor that supports virtualization and also sufficient memory on your system. You just have to turn on the virtualization feature of your processor from your BIOS. Once you have made the change in the BIOS, download the Windows XP virtual machine software.Note:This setup will only work on Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 ultimate.clip_image005

Once you have downloaded the add on, rest of the process is fairly simple. Just follow the instructions and install the Virtual PC.

To install this tool, you have to download a 500 MB Windows XP mode file. Then you have to go for validation check in which genuineness of your OS will get checked. And then update is require if you don’t have Windows 7 SP1 installed in your computer. After completing these steps you’ll get the virtual PC software on your computer.

Above given screenshot shows how the Windows XP Window will look like. Now you can enjoy that old game which you wanted to play or any vintage software which you still use.

The tool comes with number of features:

  • Easy Windows XP mode setup.
  • USB Support.
  • Folder integration between host and guest.
  • Clipboard sharing.
  • Printer redirection.

Download Windows Virtual PC.

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