How to Enhance Call Quality on an iPhone Running iOS 7

iPhones may well be crazy expensive devices, no matter which version you talk about, one thing you have to give credit to Apple for, is they have stellar call quality. Barring the antennae gate issue, which frankly, we never faced a hitch of, we have had great experience while making phone calls using an iPhone. However, with iOS 7, Apple has decided to open a few more options to play around with settings of the device and the general quality of call is one of them.

Noise Cancellation iOS 7

You are all well aware of Noise Cancellation technology which helps to isolate your voice from the noise of the background. With iOS 7, you an turn on or off the Noise Cancellation to help you enhance the Call Quality on your device. To do this, simply follow the procedure below:

1) Go to Settings on your iPhone

2) In Settings Click on General.

3) Scroll down to the Accessibility tab.

4) Under Accessibility, find Hearing under which you will find the option of ‘Phone Noise Cancellation’ and simply slide the tab to enable it.

In most cases, the setting is automatically enabled by default but just in case it wasn’t you can easily enable it to make sure the call quality on your device is really stellar.

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