How To Export Your Instagram Photos Directly To Flickr

One company’s loss is the gain of other. This saying is absolutely true in the aftermath of Instagram changing it’s privacy policy a few days ago. People are slowly moving away from the service that was probably once the most famous photo sharing service on smart phones. First Instagram withdrew showing pictures directly in Twitter timeline which made the users wary of tweeting their Instagram images and then it changed it’s terms and conditions stated that all the images uploaded by users on the service can be used by the company without any sort of notice.


So if you are also one of those frustrated customers who has not taken these new steps by Instagram very well and would like to move your pictures to a place where you know they would be safe, then here is a simple method for you. Flickr has always been a great alternative place for you to store your images safely, similarly places like PhotoBucket are too, but I personally always found Flickr to be a terrific alternate, so here is how to move your pictures from Instagram to Flickr.

All you have to do is head over to Freemyphotos, and there enter your account credentials for both Instagram and Flickr. if you do not have a Flickr account go ahead and register for one, it is free. Click on the check box if you wish to be alerted once the process has been completed. After you are done with this click on ‘Free your photos’. This would start migrating the images from your Instagram account to Flickr. This however, would not delete the images from your Instagram account, so if you do not want images to exist there you will have to manually delete them or the account directly from within the application.

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