How to Find Hidden Wallpapers in OSX Mavericks

Whenever new OS is launched, there is a lot of dissecting f it done in the hope of uncovering mysteries and finding hidden pieces of things in the OS. And looks like we all might have uncovered one such thing in the latest OSX update called Mavericks for the Mac lovers. Apple is always well known for keeping some things hidden under the hood and this time hidden away are 43 new wallpapers neatly tucked away for enthusiasts to uncover. And the process of doing the same is really simple, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the desktop and press Cmd+Shift+G. This will trigger the Go window in the finder.

Hidden Wallpapers in Mavericks

Step 2: In the Go window, type the following destinations: /Library/Screen Savers/Default Collections/ and press enter.

Hidden wallpapers in mavericks

Step 3: A new folder will open with name Default Collection which will have four folders with these amazing wallpapers. Pick the one you like, right click and in services, select Set as Desktop Background and there is is, you have a brand new wallpaper.

Now, we know that you love pictures of your favorite series, movies, sportstar or even loved ones, but some of the wallpapers that Apple have included are indeed amazing and make great wallpapers, especially if you like celestial bodies and stuff like that.

Images via: Redmondpie

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