How To Find Higher Resolution Of Any Particular Picture?

There have been several moments when we find an image but wanted a high resolution version of it like say for your wallpaper on the desktop or even a particular resolution for your mobile device. And more often than not we have we have no idea of the source of the image. How to go about in a scenario wherein we have a product but need it in bulk (say resolution here) and we have no clue where we might find more of it.

This simple tutorial will show you how to go about things and find a better version of an image you are pinned to:

  • You need to copy the URL of the image.
  • Head over to Google image search and click the little camera icon in the search bar. This will let you search by image rather than text.
  • A box should pop up where you can enter the image URL or upload a picture. Paste the Image URL copied in the box and hit enter.
  • You will find other places where the image is. To find the maximum resolution image hit more sizes link (encircled in black) on the left sidebar on Google search.
  • Once you have done that, you will be presented with many different images of the varying sizes. Just pick the one you prefer.

NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome a chrome add on here does all the tedious job and initiates a search by image without having to copy paste the URL. To use the extension just right click on the image and select search Google with this image.

Blogtechnika would like to thank Mr. Ankur Jangra for his massive contribution to this post. His efforts are greatly appreciated.

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