How to Find Out Windows Computer Licensing Information and Rearm Count

When you install Windows on your computer, you will have 30 days to activate your version of Windows online before it is blacklisted. So if you have installed a trial version of Windows, then you will be given a trial period of 30 days and a total of 4 Rearm counts. Rearm counts can be used to increase your trial period after your 30 days have expired. So having 4 Rearm counts means that you can extend your trial period up to 4 times on your trial copy of Windows. To find out how many counts you have left, follow these steps:

1. Open the Task Manager in Windows and click on New task(Run).

2. In the space provided, type in the following location: slmgr.vbs /dlv


A window will open which will look like the snapshot above. You will be able to view the various product keys and ID’s that help identify your computer and your version of Windows. Here you can also view if your Windows is licensed or if it is a trial version. You can view the number of Rearm counts you have left on your computer.

This information can be useful in helping users to set up Windows on their computer and help them to correctly activate their Windows at the right time before it is blacklisted by Microsoft.

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