How to Fix the Storage Bug on Nexus 5 Post Flashing the Factory Images

Nexus 5 is still one of the most competitive Android smartphones out there. Despite being edged out of the supremacy by the Nexus 6, the device still remains the best available Nexus device to enjoy and experience Android at its vanilla best. However, post the factory images of Lollipop were made available and flashed, plenty of users have complained of the problem where the internal memory is shown to be the lower variant of the available and not available storage. As a result, the users are getting lesser storage space than what is actually available on the device which is inhibiting them from storing the content they can store on their device.

This is a rather known bug about the device and one that can be easily sorted and fixed. XDA took it upon themselves to create a video tutorial around the same, so that you would have absolutely no issues following the instructions and can easily recapture the lost storage space from the device.

Here is the video:

Once you have followed the instructions and are ready with all the storage on your device, do not forget to acknowledge the efforts of the developer and send in a thumbs up.

Blogtechnika would not be responsible in case something goes wrong while doing the procedure as you are doing it at your own risk.

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