How to fix the Wifi Drop issue on Android Kitkat 4.4

While Android KitKat 4.4 may be the latest version of Android, it is by no means the perfect version of Android that we have been asking for. Despite a lot of positives, KitKat still has a bunch of issues that are fairly well documented, one of the most common ones has been the issue where Wifi connectivity of the device automatically drops off without any reason. This is a common occurrence not just in the devices that run Android in vanilla state but also devices like HTC M8 or the Galaxy S5 which run custom Android skins.

Wifi Drop

However, thanks to XDA Forum, it is not all that difficult to fix this drop in Wifi. According to the same post, it is due to the OS continuously checking the contivity status of the device and in case it is not able to communicate with the router, the signal drops off and you have a connection reset. Fixing this requires a small editing in either your router settings or Wifi settings of your Android phone, the latter obviously being simpler. The steps to undertake on your smartphone as given on XDA here are:

1- goto Settings > WiFi settings
2- long-press on Connection
3- Select “Modify network config”
4- check the “Show advanced options” tick.
5- select proxy settings to Manual
6- proxy host name , input the value from to
7- Proxy port = input one of them “8080” , “3128” , “80”
8- press the “Save”.
9- turn wifi off and the On, you will not see the message “”Sign into Wi-Fi network”
10-now repeat the steps from 1 ~ 4
11- and revert back the proxy settings to “None”, its Done.
12- you will be fine with this network.

You can visit the thread from the link above in order to find out how you can correct this issue by changing the settings on the router too.

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