How to Get Classic Start Menu in Windows 7

If you use Windows 7 OS for some time then you should notice that it has lacking classic start menu. There is an application known as CSMenu that bring back the old classical Windows 2000 like star menu back on your system. The setup file is 8MB large. Download and install it on your computer. After installation when you run this application it will automatically show you the old classic start menu (without clicking the start button).


The application sits in the system tray and you can go through available options by right clicking the icon. Select “Customize wizard” in the right click option. In the options, click on the “Shortcuts” present on the left column. Here you can set shortcuts for the most common tasks such as Log off, restart, sleep, shutdown, hibernate etc.


It means apart from giving you the classic start menu, it also gives you the shortcuts to perform the common windows tasks. The application is shareware which means you can use it for one month free of cost. After that period you have to purchase this software (or you can uninstall it from your computer).

Download CSMenu.

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