How to Get HTC Sense 3.0 LockScreen on Your Android Phone

Since HTC announced the launch of HTC Sense 3.0 , it has been on everybody’s mind when can we get it to run on your device. One of the many unique features of 3.0 was the revolutionary lock screen. I have wanted the 3.0 primarily for the functional and unique lock screen.

If you think like me, then here is a wonderful application for you which lets you enjoy the sense 3.0 lock screen on your Android device. Agile lockfree is the application I am talking about. This is a fantastic application as it requires absolutely no rooting and fiddling with your device and you can just install it like any other application thus making sure you don’t brick your device.


The application has a lite version which is available for free from the market place, however you can pay a small amount to purchase the full version which actually lets you to toggle around with the settings. Another way is to try a few other free apps by the same developer and once you earn 300 points, you can have the app for absolute free.

A great feature of the application is that you can set a live wallpaper or any wallpaper of your choice as the background image. Drag the bottom circle to the top can unlock screen

This program comes with many options. You can change font, font color, font size, background settings, shortcuts settings, etc., must be well meet your needs.

Download Agile Lockfree.

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