How To Get JellyBean Like Status Bar On Any Android Device

Android 4.1 popularly known as JellyBean bought with it plenty of sweet changes and not just a tasty name. The butter smooth feel of devices along with some real performance boosts meant that the device which we have been using, Galaxy Nexus in my case felt practically like a new phone in a matter of moments. One more thing that really changed with Jelly Bean apart from the significant introduction of Google Now was the notifications and how Android handled them. we have been massive fans of how Android handles the notifications and it indeed took to the next level with JellyBean, hope Apple read this.

But on the flip side, there is a massive problem of not receiving the due updates bang on time with Android and it drives the customers absolutely nuts. Today about 90% of the phones are not running JellyBean, which means hardly 10% of the people get the access to the latest OS from Google and it’s nifty new features. However, if you want a status bar just like it in JellyBean then we may have the perfect solution for you.

It comes in the form of an application called JellyBean Status Bar. This application does not require you to be rooted or anything specific to enjoy the look of JellyBean Status bar. It replaces the current status bar on your device with the pretty looking all blue kind of stock Google look of the status bar. The notifications are still pretty much standard though and they work really well without a glitch. however, you must give the application a permission to access your data via Accessibility Manager. Another good thing about this application is the fact that it has a built in place for ignoring notifications from certain applications  so in case you do not want to hear when somebody has sent you a new Direct message on twitter you can just disable the application notifications in setting and it is gone, you can obviously reset this later on.

It is a really neat application and works very well doing just what the name suggests. you can download it for free here in the Google Play Store

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