How to get Latest Gmail v4.5 App for Android

Gmail recently has got a big update. We told you in one of the posts previously on how to get the latest Gmail on your desktop here. This introduced Gmail users to a brand new feature where Gmail now categorised your mails into different tabs or sections to help you keep your inbox more organised and clutter free. Tabs such as Social, Personal, Updates, etc exist and you can create your own too.

new gmail_2

The same design was slated to come on Android soon after the desktop version went live and it was yesterday that finally the people on Android devices started getting updates from the Play Store to get the new Gmail app. However, in case you have not, you can now manually get the APK file from the following link.

Gmail v 4.5 from XDA

You have to simply download the .apk file and install it like any other application on your Android device. A fair few things have changed in the app, and the UI looks so much better. The inbox as expected is sub divided into categories just like that on desktop version. The mails also get a new look in the inbox as you get a bold letter of the first name of the sender and with multiple colours there, things kind of look very interesting. The pull down to refresh has also got a facelift and there is a full green bar which gets filled when you manually want to check for new mails.

new gmail_3

The fonts are slightly bigger and clearer and overall performance of the application looks a little smoother than the slight jerkiness that you fel in the previous application. You must try out yourself to know more about the application.

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