How To Get Menus in Windows 7 Explorer to Quickly Jump to Folder Options

Windows 7 explorer comes with some nice pane features. But one thing it lacks is native menu feature to instantly visit folder option. Menu options is available in previous versions such as Windows XP and Windows Vista.

There is an easy way to get menu options in Windows 7. Go to Windows explorer. Press Alt and T keys simultaneously. Don’t press it at the same instant. Press the Alt key first. A menu option will appear having Tools option selected. Just use the down arrow key to go to the Folder options. Press enter. That’s it.


You have a reason to think that why the menu option doesn’t appear in the window explorer by default. It is because it is disabled inside the folder option. You can make it appear by changing the setting of the folder option. Here’s a method to do that.

Go to folder option. Click on “View” tab. Now check the box next to “Always show menus”.


That’s it. Now every time you visit the explorer, you’ll find the menu options.

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