How To Get Paid iPhone Apps For Free

Lets say, given a hypothetical situation, someone “breaks” out of “jail”,  what does it give him? FREEDOM! And that is exactly what happens when we “JAILBREAK” our iphone. It gives us endless possibilities, it increases the productivity and also the fun factor. One of the many advantages of jailbreaking is getting all the Paid Apps For Free. And yes this is just one of the benefits, there are a million others but as of now, lets focus on how to do that!

The first time I got to know about this, I was in seventh heaven. I was just so excited, because when you see all the amazing applications which the app store offers , you just want to have them but who would want to pay a dollar or two or sometimes even five,ten fifteen and so on.

So I jailbroke my iphone, downloaded all the paid apps from various different sites( I will tell you where to download those paid apps from) and tried to put them in my iphone, but everytime I did that, there was an error which said the application couldn’t be copied to my phone. So then I got to know, just jailbreaking isn’t enough, there are a few steps which you have to follow and then its just a walk in the park.

Following are the steps:

1) Open Cydia. Go to “Manage”, Then go to “Sources”. On the top right corner, You will see “Edit”, click that. On the top left corner you will see “Add”.

2) Add the source “”

3) Once the source is added, open the source (again from the manage section) and you will find various “AppSync” for different ios versions. Download the one for your device. For example, if you are running ios 5.0.1, then download “Appsync for ios 5.0+”

4) Once you do that, you work is done , Now you just need to have the cracked apps, which I will tell you how to download.

The major work is done, All we need to do is download the app which we want. There are various sites from where you can download cracked apps, but I will give you a couple of my favourites.



Visit any of the above mentioned sites, search for your application, and download it. It will be downloaded like any other data file which you get from the internet. Once its downloaded, open the app( just double click on it), and it will directly be opened in your iTunes. Then all you have to do is sync your iphone with your itunes and you will be able to see the application there. Download as many as you wish, just see to it you have enough space in your iPhone.

Now the above steps were for downloading apps into your computer and then your phone. You can even download the paid apps directly to your iPhone. The steps are simple.

1) Go to the source you just added), and download this app known as “Installous”, once its downloaded, it will show like any other application on your iphone on the springboard.

2) Open installous, and it will be just like another Application store, only you can download paid apps for free 😉

3) Search for your application in installous( it automatically searches the file for you, just enter the name)

4) Download it, Install it.

5)  And there it is,done, time now to enjoy your game.

Hope the post helped you, feel free to drop in comments and let us know if you have any problem.


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