How To Get Physical Keypad on iPad

Want to convert your iPad into a laptop? No, you don’t need to buy Macbook :). There is a device known as typad that add physical keyboard to the iPad. It comes with a super-sleek leatherette case and it is wireless device connected via Bluetooth. It is sleek, lightweight, and hinge free. Its weights just 20 ounce. It charges via USB. By using it you can use your iPad over your lap and lean back and enjoy your work. Check out the video.

There are many advantages of using this device, the biggest one is you don’t lose your screen space while using keyboard, pretty useful if you are working on some document. You can type faster using physical keyboard. Also keyboard consists of home button and shortcut for the iPad’s search function.

The price of this device is $114.95.

tyPad via Technologizer

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