How to get rid of Scratches from the Lens of the Camera of your HTC M8

I have been using the HTC M8 as my primary device for just over two months now. While the device is without a doubt, excellent and ticks most of the boxes you would want your daily driver to tick, there are a few minor things that annoy me. As revered as the build quality and designing capabilities of HTC are, they have always dropped big bombs when it comes to QC of their devices.

M8 lens Scratches

Several of the M7 devices last year shipped with a camera lens that produced a weird purple flare when used under low lighting conditions and had an odd hairline space between the contact point where the metal and the non metal components on top of the device met. With 90% metallic construction of the M8, the hairline problem is a thing of yesterday and the purple flare has been sorted too, but a new problem has cropped up. The lens of the main rear camera of the device gets scratched up very easily now and that totally ruins the camera performances of the phone.

According to some sources, it is not the main camera lens that gets scratched, but a film on top of it. The only way out is to make sure you keep your device in a case and really carefully. Despite doing that, the lens on my M8 has some pretty clear scratches. In this situation, you can either convince HTC to replace your unit or go ahead and do a quick fix. Our good friend from Droid Now, Shemon Das has come up with a solution of removing the scratches from your M8 using some IP solution and cotton buds. The entire process can be followed right here:

We tried the method and while it does take time and persistence, it gets the job done. However, if this would have any long term implications on your lens, we are not entirely sure.

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