How To Get The iPhone 5 Look On Your Android Device

iPhone 5 with 5 rows has become synonymous with style. It indeed is a unique look most of all because we have become so custom to the whole 4 row look. Suddenly the iPhone looks a little stretched with that one extra row of application icons. This news has not gone un-noticed from the developers of Android. And if you too are an Android user who would like to experience how the feel of iPhone 5 is, then we have the perfect solution for you. Check out this screenshot, you may well be mistaken that this is indeed an Android OEM running the latest form of iOS.

If you are also interested in giving your Android device the perfect iOS look, then just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store on your Android Device.

Step 2: Search for Fake iPhone 5 launcher. Let the file download.

Step 3: Once you have done that, press the home button on your device. It would ask you for the launcher you wish to select.

Step 4: Simply select the iPhone 5 launcher. And you are ready with the look of iPhone 5 on your device.

Even though this launcher is very similar to the MIUI launcher, as it places all the applications in the form of boxes on various of your device, there is no real place for you to add widgets which Android is mostly famous for. Also the launcher is slightly sluggish and on my Galaxy Nexus it seemed to have a massive lag while scrolling across. All the icons do seem responsive though as they do indeed launch the right applications. However, if it is the iPhone look you want then you cannot really go wrong with this launcher.

Download link: Google Play


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