How To Get Unlimited Theme Packs For Your Android Easily

The best thing about Android is it’s ability to be customized. While the iPhone has come leaps and bounds since the launch of it back in 2007, Android has grown just as well. However, when compared, there have been a lot many more ways to customize your Android than iPhone owners could only dream of. The square board icon pattern has stayed for iPhone and after using the device for a while, there are chances that people could get a little bored. Especially if you like change then you would love Android. The ability to play around with various launchers, theme packs, widgets etc, is a never ending process. You just want to have more and more. And if you are into the category of wanting more and more, then we have the perfect solution for you.

With every new launcher, there is a new theme pack or icon pack that is added. Be it Launcher Pro or Go launcher, there are various things you can customize to make your screen give the personal look that you wish. And in case you do not have time to visit a  lot of Android portal forums and go through theming tutorials, then a shortcut is simply to head over to MYCOLORSCREENIt is the single most comprehensive store for all the theming needs of yours. You would in fact be dazzled by the amount of things you can do with your Android device using stuff from this site.

So, which look did you pick from the various available, do let us know in the section below or even share a screenshot.

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