How to Get Your Android Phone Looks Like Windows Phone 7

Very few of us can claim that we are absolutely satisfied with the devices we own or the OS we run. In fact, most of us crave to test or try and work out how things on the other side of the world are. Being a compulsive Android user myself, I have seen myself been extremely intrigued about Windows 7.

There is something about the UI and the functionality that really makes me want to try it. And I know I am not the only one. Windows 7 has time and again been praised for its high aesthetic appeal and the stunning animations and things like that. However, it is not possible that we can get best of all the worlds until now. Now it is possible to get the Windows 7 looks, at least almost on your stock Android devices, just download these free Apps and you are set. So sit back with your market open and get ready for the Windows 7 look.

First and foremost you need the launcher. For this I highly recommend Launcher 7. It basically gives you the metro UI feel of windows 7. The launcher is extremely reliable and also gives you plenty of customizing options. Like you can select which apps do you want as tiles, tiles color, sizes etc. Also there are various special tile options like live contacts tile and notification numbers which are always handy. The animations are fantastic, overall the launcher gives you the perfect feel of windows 7! The launcher is available for free to be downloaded from here.


After the launcher, even though the phone looks like the WP7 device you needed, there are a lot of alterations you can do, to make look exactly like the replica version. There are some of the applications I highly recommend, some of them are work in progress still but they all work great and you just might be surprised with the number of awesome updates coming real fast. So here are the applications.

1) WP7LOCK lite: This is a rather simple application; it replaces your standard lockscreen on Android with the Windows Phone 7 Style lock screen. It is available for free from the market place here.


2) StatusBar+ Lite : It is very much a work in progress and it basically changes the status bar on your device to the Windows 7 style one. It is again highly customized and can be downloaded for free from the market place here.


3) Seven+ Calculator: This application is rather simple and adds a Windows phone 7 style calculator to your Android phone. It is available here.


4) UberMusic: It gives you a very Zuun like music player and it works very well, in fact it is one of my favourite Andoid music players and has also got wonderful widgets. This application though is paid At about $4 but is very much worth it. Here is the link from the market place.


5) WP7 Contact Lite: It incorporates a Windows 7 style contact menu to your Andoroid phone and once again works magnificently. I would actually recommend it over any other contact replacer in the Android market. The lite version is free and can be downloaded here.


6) Messaging Metro Beta: Like the name suggests that this application is in Beta and replaces the Android based messaging Application with a Windows 7 type one. I would not recommend this application a lot since I faced a few forced closes even though it looks very pretty. You could still try it out here.


So these were my pick of the applications to make your Android into a true replica of the Windows 7 phone, so you could get best of both the worlds of Android and Windows phone 7. How did you find it? Do let us know as your comments are valuable.

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    Just a problem here, do you know how to, with the locker, to get rid of the normal one because it keeps popping up when I swipe away


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