How to Get Your Old Facebook Chat Window

We all hate the new facebook chat window as it does not show all the online users. You cannot even pop out of chat as in the previous version of the chat box. The new chat box only shows the people with whom you interact with the most and the “others” remain hidden. But now you can get the old facebook chat window back just by installing a browser extension created by ENZYME  ( ). Just follow these steps :

1)    Go to

2)  Click on install from the top right corner of the screen

3)    After installing the extension, logout of your facebook account, close the browser and restart it.

4)    After restarting, log in to your facebook account and you will be able to use the old chat window !

Note: You can use this extension on Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox successfully.

To uninstall it just go to tools/Extensions and look for the Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion and uninstall.

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