How to have a More Effective LinkedIn Profile?

At Blogtechnika, we love to talk about gadgets and things surrounding that. But, every once in a while we break from the monotonity of that world and bring something refreshing to our readers. And Social Media is definitely one platform, which we enjoy, value and like covering on our site. So here, we have an infographic about one of the Social Networking site we all tend to neglect. However, with our experience in the field of Social, we feel with a right LinkedIn profile you can open several doors for yourself which you perhaps did not even know existed.

LinkedIn is seen by many as just a platform to stay active just in case a job opening creeps up, but how would you get noticed among a crowd of people on the site? What sort of content should be on your LinkedIn profile and what all aspects about you should the content cover? Here is an infographic that we found which every budding user of the service must go through to at least have a page that can be of relevance as well as of some significant advantage to the person.


Via: Daily Infographic

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