How To Hide Files and Folders And Access Them in Windows 7

Windows provides facility to hide files and folders so that no one can access it easily. You can hide any file by changing its properties. This is a guide to hide files and folders and then make them visible in Windows 7.

Right click on any file or folder icon and select properties.


In the properties window, on General tab, click on the box next to Hidden. Click OK.


Windows will ask you to select one option. Select the first one if you want to hide the folder only. Select the second option if you want to hide folder, its subfolders and files too. After selecting the option click OK.


Note: One can unhide the files or folders only by visiting the location on which you hide the file. Before hiding the files or folder, copy it inside the location which can’t be easily accessible (copy it inside a subfolder of a folder).

By using this method you can easily hide secret files but don’t rely 100% on this method because unhide the file is as easy as hiding the file. If you want to protect your files from intruders then you can use a security application Truecrypt.

How to view hidden files

Open Windows explorer by pressing the keyboard shortcut ‘Win+E’.

In the Windows explorer, click on Organize on the toolbar and then click on Folder and search options.


In the folder options window, go to View tab and check the option Show hidden files, folders, and drives under Advanced settings. Click OK.


That’s it. Now you can able to see all the hidden files and folders in your PC by visiting the location of folder. You can easily recognize hidden folder because it is slightly faded in color.


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  1. I don’t think I can fully relate to you how grateful I am for this wonderful article. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet on how to access these hidden folders, and this was very easy to use. Thank you for saving me from having to rewrite a 20 page paper that got lost in my AppData folder.

  2. Very grateful for this article, I agree with Sofia. I “lost” my appdata folder, and needed it to delete invasive genieo program!

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