How to Hide Jimmy Wales Personal Appeal on Wikipedia

For last few weeks whenever I open Wikipedia to read any article I was encountered by an appeal by Jimmy Wales, founder of  Wikipedia regarding donation to continue the site without ads. Well, I am not against his noble cause of fund raising but why Wikipedia is bothering its users again and again on every visit by showing that appeal at the top.

I asked the question from my Twitter pals about hiding Jimmy Wales appeal in Wikipedia and I got the solution by one of my friend @arpitnext.

And I got this reply by Arpit.

The solution is easy. All you need to do is to click on the cross button given on the top right of that appeal. It will disappear immediately and it wouldn’t appear next time.

After few minutes Arpit developed a simple user script to hide that appeal (nice work Arpit!). The script is known as Hide Jimmy Wales Banner. All you need to do is install this script on your browser (if you are a chrome user). If you are Firefox user then install Greasemonkey Firefox add-on before installing this script.

Install Hide Jimmy Wales Banner Script [thanks Arpit Kumar].

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  1. Wow this is very helpful. Although he doesnt say something bad that has to be removed but sometimes you just need the info nothing extra. So, well this helped me. Thankyou Arpit for the script and thanks Himanshu for the post !

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