How to Hide Search Box in Windows 7

Windows 7 search is an awesome tool to search for any files. But if you want to switch to some other useful tool such as Everything search tool then it’s better to disable Windows default search box. You can do this with the help of Turn Windows features on or off. This guide will tell you how to disable search option in Windows 7.

1. Click on Start button and search for turn windows features (it is ironic that we are using search box to disable the search box). Click on the Turn Windows features on or off.


2. In Windows features window, scroll down to the Windows Search option. You have to uncheck the box next to it to disable the feature.


3. When you uncheck, a pop up appears asking you to continue or not. Click Yes button. Then click OK button on the Windows features box.


4. Wait for few seconds.


5. Click on Restart Now button to restart your PC.


6. Now click on Start button. You won’t find that traditional search search box in the Start menu. Similarly the search option disappears on Windows explorer top right.


That’s how you can disable search option in Windows 7. It is advised to disable the search box if highly needed. I am recommending not to disable the search box because it come in handy in many situations just like we found Windows features option box by using the search box in Step 1 of this tutorial.

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