How to Hide Windows 7 Taskbar

Hiding the Taskbar provides extra screen space to the users who like to work in the hidden Taskbar environment. Windows provides you option to hide Taskbar from the settings. To access the settings you need to right click on Taskbar and then click on Properties.


In the properties window check the box next to “Auto-hide taskbar”. Click the “OK” button.


It will hide the taskbar when you move your mouse pointer away from it. You can get back your taskbar when you move the mouse pointer in the taskbar area.

Use Taskbar Hider to Hide Windows 7 Taskbar

It is annoying if you move your mouse pointer to bottom accidently and taskbar appears time to time. To overcome this problem there is a small Windows application by which you can hide/unhide taskbar by using windows hotkey.

Download the small zip file and extract a taskbar hider.exe file. Double click on it to run it. You don’t need to install it to use.

This tool sits in the system tray. You can customize the hotkeys by right click on the system tray icon and by selecting “Settings”. Now in the settings panel, select the hotkey and click the “Ok” button. You can choose your own hotkey to use this tool. It hides the taskbar while pressing the hotkey. Pressing hotkey again brings back the taskbar.


Note: While testing it on Windows 7 Ultimate version the hotkey Win+ key didn’t work on my computer. On the other hand “Ctrl+Shift+Key” works well.

Download TaskBar Hider.

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