How to Hide your Caller ID when Making a call from your iPhone 5s?

Are you conscious that when you make a call somebody is not responding appropriately or not taking your call because they know its you who is calling thanks to caller ID on all the mobile phones today? If you have an iPhone then you can actually do something about it and turn the caller ID off. This means that whenever you make a call to somebody, their phones will say ‘Unknown Calling’ or anything but your number based on the carrier settings.

Caller ID iPhone

We would like to make clear that this procedure is subjected to go through based on your carrier, for example some of the carriers in India have bared this feature from working, in that case, there is nothing your iPhone can also do. However, to turn Caller ID off, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go into Settings of your device from the home page.

Step 2: Once you are in settings, you need to go to Phone option that is living within the list.

Step 3: In that list, click on Show my Caller ID and turn the corresponding toggle off.

As you can see, our option was blocked out by our carrier, so if you have a carrier that supports this, this option will not be locked and you will be able to immediately turn it off and enjoy hours of calling out without someone second guessing who it is.

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