How to Hide/Remove Annoying Ticker Box in Facebook

Few days ago we exclusively reported about new Facebook Ticker box. Today, many account holders got this annoying feature in their Facebook account. If you are on of them then here is a simple trick to remove that Ticker box from your Facebook account.  All you need to do is either install a Google Chrome extension or if you are Firefox user then install a Greasemonkey script on your browser and rest of the work will be done by the script.

Google Chrome Extension (Hide Facebook Sidebar Ticker)

Hide Facebook Sidebar Ticker is an extension which you can use to easily hide Facebook Ticker. To get this extension go to Google Web Store and install it on your computer. After installing the extension and refreshing the Facebook home page, you won’t see the Ticker stream on the Facebook page.


Greasemonkey Script (Hide Facebook Ticker from Chat Bar)

One of the most annoying feature of Ticker is it overlaps the chat box. So if the chat sidebar is enabled on your Facebook then you can’t see which friend is online because of Ticker stream box. To remove this discrepancy you can install a Greasemonkey script called Hide Facebook Ticker from Chat Bar. It runs behind the browser and the Ticker box automatically disappears as you click on the Online Friends tab in a Facebook chat.

Whole using these above two methods, I get rid of Ticker box but the problem of missing Recent Updates link in Facebook remains same. I still not get that link on the top of my update box. If you have any clue of how to get that link back then please comment on this post to tell the method of getting it back.

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