How To Increase Undo Time Limit In Gmail

Gmail Undo time limit which is also known as a panic button, is a nice feature by which you can undo send mails. It means after hitting the send button, you mail will hold for few seconds and between this time you can click the undo button to cancel the mails. It is helpful if you send the mail to any other person or you find any typo in the mail after sending it.

How to enable Gmail’s “Undo Send” feature

1. To enable undo Send feature, click on the settings link given at the top right. Now click on the Labs tab.


2. Search for the Undo Send lab feature and check the “Enable” option. Scroll the page down and click on “Save Changes” button.


How To increase undo time limit

3. Again click on the settings link on the top right. On the general tab, scroll down the page. You’ll find “Undo Send” option.

4. Click on the drop down and select the time. There are three options 5, 10 and 20 seconds. 5 seconds is a default time. You can increase the time up to 20 seconds.


5. Scroll down the page and click the “Save Changes” button.

That’s it, undo time limit is increased. Also check our Gmail’s guide How To Use Latest Gmail Rich Signature Feature Effectively.

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