How to Increase Windows Experience Index(WEI) in Windows 7

The Windows Experience Index measures the capability of your computer’s hardware and software configuration and expresses this measurement as a number called a base score. A higher base score generally means that your computer will perform better and faster than a computer with a lower base score, especially when performing more advanced and resource-intensive tasks.

Each hardware component receives an individual subscore. Your computer’s base score is determined by the lowest subscore. For example, if the lowest subscore of an individual hardware component is 4.1, then the base score is 4.1.


The scores currently range from 1.0 to 7.9. There are some applications that take the WEI into account for running. If your Score is less than the desired value, the application won’t run on your computer. But there is a trick to increase your score without making any hardware changes.

1) Type %windir%\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore in the start menu search box and press enter.


2) A new window will open with a list of xml files. Sort the files according to the date modified.


3) Now open the most recent file with WordPad. In this case the most recent file is

2011-06-23 Formal.Assessment (Recent).WinSAT.xml


3) Go to the line having the name winSPR and change the values as you wish. This is shown in the image below.


NOTE – You should have folder ownership before you can save the xls file.

4) After editing and providing new values, save the document. This is it. Now when you open the WEI window you can see the new edited scores. This will enable you to run the application which wouldn’t run earlier. You can even show-off the new improved scores to your friends Smile


Note – Changing the scores will not result in performance increase. To increase the performance of your system, hardware upgrade is required.

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