How To Install All Important Software On Your PC in a Single Click

If you are in IT department then installing software on PC might be included in your daily routine. Many time it happens that your computer crashes down and you have to reinstall the OS on your PC. Collecting and installing software one by one on PC again is real pain in the butt. If you face such conditions then Ninite is probably the best solution for you.

It offers you to select all the programs and it provides a single installer file for all the programs. Just run the file and go back to sleep. The program will download and install programs one by one without asking you anything.

1. Open the Ninite website. You’ll see all the programs are divided into various categories.


2. Select the program you want to install on your computer and click on the “Get Installer” button.


3. A file will be downloaded on your PC which is installer file. You’ll see all the programs icon you selected on the screen. Double click on the downloaded file to start the installation.


4. You are required internet connection for this installer to run. It will first download and then install the program on your computer with suggested settings. You can see the progress on the progress bar.


That’s it. Go anywhere you want. After sometimes when you return you’ll see all the programs installed on your PC. You’ll find all the installed programs icon on your desktop.

Check out Ninite to batch download and install all software on PC.

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