How to Install PSP Emulator on an iPhone running iOS 7?

Back in the days when iOS, Android and Windows Phone were not a part of our lives, we depended on gaming consoles or PCs for our gaming pleasures. Even the likes of PS 2 and PSP were a huge part of how we played some of the best game titles. Remember the good old days of FIFA 08 on PSP? However, since then, the gaming industry has moved northwards, and PSPs are a thing of the past especially as far as handheld console gaming goes due to the rise of smartphones.

psp emulator

However, if you are old school and would still like to play some of the PSP titles on your iPhone, then PPSSPP is the perfect emulator to allow that. As expected, you must be on a jailbroken iPhone for this to happen. Once you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 7, all you need to do is to go into Cydia and add the “” source. Once you have added this source, you need to search for PPSSPP from the search bar and download it. The emulator plays games as well as the standalone PSP does and there is barely any noticeable drop in frames or lags according to the various videos available online, unfortunately, we were unable to try out the emulator ourselves, so we cannot give a first hand experience on the same. The emulator works not just for iOS but also for Android devices and PCs. You can visit their website here for information on how to get going on an Android device. You can check out the emulator here:

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