How to Install Telnet Client on Windows 7 PC

Telnet is a feature of Windows 7 by which you can connect your computer to another computer using internet. You can access your computer remotely or perform specific tasks by entering commands. You can check your database, files and other things remotely. This is a step by step guide is to activate telnet feature in Windows 7 which is not activated by default.

Click on Start button. Type turn windows features in the search box. Click on the Turn Windows features on or off.

In the Windows feature box, click on the box next to Telnet Client. Click OK.


It will take some to to activate the feature.

After the feature got activated, click on the Start button again and then type telnet in the search box. Click on telnet.exe which came as a result.


A black screen will appear. It looks like cmd command prompt. You have to type commands in the telnet to perform some tasks.


Here are the list of telnet command by which you can perform various tasks.

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