How To Install Windows 7 on a Netbook

If you purchased a new netbook having OS other than Windows7 then installing Windows 7 on it is not easy task. Netbooks don’t come with optical drives so you can’t install any OS using DVD. You have to take help of USB flash drive. But also you need a ISO file of Windows 7 which can be purchased and downloaded on official Microsoft website. There are other methods to install Windows 7. Let’s discuss all of them one by one.


1. Purchase and download Windows 7 ISO

Go to Microsoft Store website and purchase ISO file of Windows 7. After purchase download it on your netbook. Now go through this tutorial to make bootable USB drive. You need to download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool first.

After making the bootable flash drive, you can install Windows on your computer with the help of that drive. Don’t forget to change the boot preference order from DVD to USB drive inside the BIOS settings before starting installation.

2. Purchase and download Windows 7 installation file

If you don’t want to involve in the hassle of creating bootable flash drive then you can purchase Windows 7 installation file from the Microsoft store and install Windows 7 just like you install a normal software on your PC.

3. Use external DVD drive

Many companies offer external DVD drives and DVD burners for the computer. You can plug the drive on your computer via USB drive. If you own DVD of Windows 7 then you can install it on your netbook using those external drives. No need to burn ISO or download Windows 7 installation file from Microsoft website.

These are the three known and possible ways of getting Windows 7 on your netbook. Many manufacturers provide pre installed Windows 7 on the netbook. It is advisable to purchase those netbooks only because it will be cheaper deal for you.

If you have a newly installed Windows 7 netbook and you want to download software on it then check out this tool to install multiple programs at once.

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