How To Install WordPress (Step By Step Guide of WordPress Installation)

When I came to know about WordPress I thought it is easier to download and install Worpdress on the server. I thought it is as easy as installing any general software on the PC. But when I tried it, I was bit confused. I learned several tutorials on the web but I was satisfied with none of them. I found the tutorial given on official WordPress codex is most appropriate. But it lacks images and it is somehow difficult to understand in the first glance.

WordPress installation is not a very difficult process but it require some technical skills. You should know about computer work, Cpanel, My SQL, database terms. It also requires transfer files through FTP clients. If you think it is still difficult to install wordpress then lets make it easy by step by step tutorial which elaborate all the steps with the help of images side by side.

Step 1) Install WordPress

Go to (WordPress official site) and Download the famous WordPress software. Current version is WordPress 2.8.6, click on the button and WordPress will download on your PC.

A zip file will download on your PC. You can extract the file on your desktop. It contains a folder named WordPress. If you see the folder there are many files.

wordpress Zip

Step 2 : Create a database and user

I am using hostgator which comes with an inbuilt Cpanel. Login to your Cpanel account. Inside cpanel click on MySQL database:

My SQL database

Create User


1) Chose a username for WordPress and enter it in the UserName field.

  1. 2) Choose a difficult-to-guess password (ideally containing a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols), and enter it in the Password field.
  2. 3) Write down the username and password you chose in a notepad or plane paper.
  3. 4) Click on Create User.

Create Database:

1) Click on Jump to MySQL Database .

2) Create New Database (Named it WordPress).


3) Under Databases, select your WordPress username from the User dropdown(if there are more than one users), then select your WordPress database from the Db dropdown(if there are more than one databases). Make sure All is checked under Privileges, then click Make Changes.


MySQL previlages

Step 3: Set up wp-config.php

Now return to your WordPress2.8.6 download file. If you don’t extract it on your desktop, extract it now. If you already extract it on your desktop then  look at the files inside the WordPress folder. You will find a file named wp-config-sample.php. You need to open this file and edit some lines inside it. You can open the file in any text editor. You can use Dreamweaver or simple notepad to edit some lines.

1) First of all rename the file from wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.

2) Open the file in your favorite text editor.


Enter your Database information
DB_NAME   The name of the database you created for WordPress  .

DB_USER  The username you created for WordPress
DB_PASSWORD  The password you chose for the WordPress username.
DB_HOST  The hostname usually localhost
DB_CHARSET  The database character set, normally should not be changed DB_COLLATE  The database collation should normally be left blank

After editing, your new database looks like the image given below:


Here my DB_NAME is “wordpress”

DB_USER is “username”

DB_PASSWORD is “password”

Warning: Don’t select so easy to guess username and password, here I am taking easy username and password just for illustration.

STEP 4: Upload the file

This is a process in which you need to upload the WordPress files which you extract on the desktop (inside the WordPress folder) to the server. You can do this with the help of your favorite FTP client. I use Filezilla to transfer my files to server.


Enter your web server IP address in hostname, your Username and password and click on Quickconnect button to connect Filezilla to the server.


Now you will see the folder with / symbol. Click on the + sign and you will see the folder public_html folder. Click on Click on public_html folder. This is the folder where have to upload the WordPress folder (which you downloaded and extracted on your PC).

Now you have to upload the WordPress files. Before uploading you need to decide that in which location your website or blog will appear.

1) In the root directory of your web site. (For example,

  • 2) In a subdirectory of your web site. (For example,

If you want your blog to appear on

Upload all the contents of the wordpress folder (but not the directory itself) into the root directory of your web site.

If you want your blog to appear on

Upload the directory to your desired location within the root directory of your web site. Before uploading you can rename the WordPress folder as “blog”. Or you can rename the folder after uploading the folder.

Step 5: Run The install script

1) Open your web browser. Either Chrome or Firefox.

2) Now in the address field type . In place of, put the name of your site on which you are installing WordPress.

Note : If you placed the WordPress files in a subdirectory called blog, for example, you should visit: Click on Run the Install Button.


Enter the title of your blog and email address. Also check the option “Allow my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati.”


After installation of Wordspress you will get your username and password which you can change later.


All done. Now enjoy with the latest WordPress.

You can enter inside your WordPress dashboard by entering

Do you find this tutorial useful. If you face any problem regarding installation you can discuss it in comment section. Also you can take benefit with our Services.

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  1. One of few WordPress installation guide I have seen which explain this method.. Else every one Promote Fantastico 🙂
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  2. I think manual installation of wordpress is too tough, thats why i always recommend fantastico 🙂
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    • Totally agree with you Loveish that Fantastico makes the process lot easier , but I think that manually wordpress installation is not a difficult process. Its difficult in starting but when you done it two or three times then it becomes relatively easier.

  3. I am a newbie i had installed wordpress 4 times and deleted Mysql database.After reading this type of beautiful post i had learned Manual install.One should know both steps .
    Thanks for beautiful Tutor .

  4. nice writeup .. but i find it easy to have installed via fantastico & simplescripts from bluehost
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  5. This is great for Local WordPress installation as we dont have fantastico installed there .. 🙂
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  6. step 4 is soemthing no body explains nicely….great job himanshu
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  7. nice work, you done. good, i learnt this method by making many database error 😉 and finally i set my wordpress blog, even thought i have to learn more about this. and this tutorial tells clearly.
    i would be happy if you made this tutorial earlier when i was struggling so badly. antway nice works for new bloggers, you have done a great job. !! thankyou . 😀
    can we have different subdomains under one wordpress installtion, like for eg: is by blog and i need something like under only one installing(9.8Mb), i haev an idea to give subdomains to myfriends for their portfolio. and i dont want each wordpress install for every subdomains.
    what is parked domains ? in my cpanel it is . but dont know what it does.
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  8. Wow, its always good to learn the traditional methods of installing wordpress, rather than using one click installs.
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  9. Very nice post.. next time the juniors ask me they are gonna be referred to here for sure 😉 .. One thing might be missing are the various common errors the newbies might face.. just my 2 cents.

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