How to Install xSellize Repository From Cydia

With the number of tweaks and mods and applications floating around in the abyss of apples application stores,well the official as well as the unofficial ones, you must be knowing what I am talking about. Oh yeah, Cydia.

For those of you who don’t know what Cydia is, let me throw some light. There are certain applications and tweaks which apple doesn’t want its users to enjoy, for what reasons that is unknown to us but the quintessence is, we miss on some awesome and amazing features and the things which the devices running on iOS can do. Now thanks to Jay Freeman ,also known as Saurik, we can do all that we want to ,with the help of an alternate application store known as Cydia.

Now the name alternate itself suggests us to believe that Cydia cannot be installed without jailbreaking your device. Rather they both are the mirror image of each other. Jailbreak is synonymous with Cydia and vice-versa. The thing with Cydia is, it runs on repositories , which in simple words is a location for storage. These repositories have all the software and mods you need and they can be downloaded to your device. There are free as well as paid applications.


The free ones are good enough, but most of the time we end up liking the ones which are paid. Now who would like to pay for some tweak just to impress their friends? Or increase the productivity of their device ? The answer is very few, some just don’t want to pay and others are afraid of online credit card payments. But as always,we have a solution.

Cydia gives us the freedom to add sources/repositories. There is one repository which goes by the name of xSellize. It has all the paid applications, tweaks, themes, books etc. You just have to name it, and they have it. Well not literally ALL the stuff but yeah MOST of it, The ones worth downloading are present. The catch is, all the apps are absolutely free.

How cool is that ?? You don’t have to pay anything. All you have to do, is add the repository in your Cydia sources and you’re done.

This is how its done:

1. Open Cydia, and go to ‘Manage’.

2. Choose ‘Sources’.

3. Then choose ‘Edit’,which will be present on the top right corner.

4. As soon as you touch the edit button, You will see an ‘Add’ button.

5. Touch the add button,and you will be asked to enter a URl.

6. Enter this URl <<>>

7. That’s it. All done.

To help you easily understand the above mentioned steps,following are a set of snapshots which will make your work easier.

This is how you are going to do it


As you can see ,The steps with the numbers are encircled in red. And in the Enter Cydia URL, http:// is already entered , so all you have to type in is “”.

Now it’s up to you,whether you want to search for a particular application or just go to the sections column and search for it manually. And you can enjoy all the paid stuff for free.

We will be glad to help you with any other problems you encounter, do let us know in the comments.

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    for other great free android apps and games!

  2. I got xSellize, but when I tried to download iconoclasm, it was saying that there were conflicts that could not be found or resolved. What can I do to fix that

  3. Well that is not a problem, just quit cydia from the app switcher (multi tasking bar), and download the required package again, that should solve the problem, if at all that doesn’t, just remove the source and add it again, it should be fine 🙂

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