How to Instantly Backup Any Folder in Windows 7

To save your computer’s important data, it is always a good idea to take a backup and keep it safe. We know about Dropbox, a tool by which you can backup your important data in a cloud easily. But if you want to transfer data from your computer to some external hard drive or USB drive then instead of gratifyng into copying and pasting data, it is good to use any tool that performs the task quickly and easily. There are several backup software available but most of them don’t have user friendly interface and they are difficult to use.

There is a visual basic script available for Windows computer that handles the task easily. All you need to do is run the script on your computer, select the backup folder and output folder and run the process. This guide will tell you step by step method to perform the backup task by running that script.

By using this tool you can transfer large or small files of your computer from one place to other quickly. First you have to accumulate the data at a single place (or folder) as this tool transfer all the files and subfolders of one folder to any other output folder.

1. Download visual basic script for backing up a folder and all its subfolders.

2. Extract the file folder_bkup.vbs from the downloaded zip file.

3. Double click on the folder_bkup.vbs file to run it. Read the instructions on the dialog box and click OK.


4. Select the source folder (a folder for which you want to create a backup). You can create backup of any folder of your computer. After selecting it, click OK.


5. It will display the folder you selected in previous step. If everything is file, click OK.


6. Now select a folder where you want to save your backup. I selected external hard drive as output folder. You can create a “Backup” named folder inside your external drive and choose it as backup folder so that you can easily recognize your backup files.

Note: You can also select any folder of your computer as backup folder. It is not necessary to select external drive as a backup folder.


7. It will show you the output folder location. If everything is right, click OK.


8. A small blank page of IE will appear telling you that “Files are being copied”.


That’s it. It will take some time depending upon the size of files you are copying. After completion of process you can check your external drive. It will contain all the files.

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  1. Hi
    Read your article:
    How to Instantly Backup Any Folder in Windows 7
    by Himanshu Yadav on January 9, 2011 ………… from ….. folder_bkup.vbs

    But, having backed up files that way, how does one restore them ?
    If the backups are simply COPIES, then it is obvious, but if encoded or compress as in Windows Backup, it isn’t.

    Also, is it only NEW files and CHANGED files that are backed up ?
    Thank You
    I appreciate your bolgospheric input. Hello from Canada

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