How To Jailbreak iOS 6 Running on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

We have all been eagerly awaiting for this moment, in fact a lot of us had put updating our iDevices away before updating them to iOS 6. But rejoice the Apple faithful as iOS 6 has been successfully jailbroken. Yes, the jailbreak to iOS 6 is now available and by all accounts it is working well. We just jailbroke our iPhone 4 and it works like a charm. And above all, it is an extremely easy process, so without taking too much of your time, let us quickly delve into how to go about it and what you need to do.


We do advice you to take a back up of your device before you proceed with the procedure, also make sure you disable any lock code that you may have on your device before you move along. This is a request from the devs and you should be able to keep your device safe for about 5 minutes, which is all you would require to jailbreak your device running iOS 6. So just follow these steps once you have taken a back up of your device and installed iOS 6 on your iDevice.

Step 1) Head over to evasi0n here and download the tool to jailbreak your device based on the OS of your laptop.

Step 2) Connect your device to your desktop and make sure you quit iTunes away.

Step 3) Open the evasi0n app you just downloaded and press the button that says jailbreak. Make sure your device is unlocked.

Step 4) After a while, you will see the icon of evad3rs on screen, tap that and let the process resume.

Step 5) That is it, you will see the exit icon on your desktop, press that and you are done.

Step 6) Open Cydia on your phone or iPad or iPod touch and let the magic begin. If by any chance there is no cydia icon on your device, just repeat the procedure.

Hope you enjoy the jailbreak on your device. Do let us know in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika and @Techverarp

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