How to Jailbreak iPad 2 [Untethered Jailbreak]

Since the launch of the iPad 2, there have been plenty of reports detailing about the untethered jailbreak of the iPad 2. A lot of these methods were found to be fake and ones which did not work. However, finally the developers at Jailbreakme have worked out how to jailbreak your iPad 2. It is pretty much in a beta stage right now, but here is how you can get it.

You would need the iOS 4.3.3 or under that to be running on your iPad 2.


Here are the steps to jailbreak your iPad 2:

1)Type in your iPad 2 browser.

2) The moment you reach the webpage and its completely done loading the safari will quit and you will see the cydia icon on your springboard with a progress bar just like how it is when an official application is being downloaded.

3) The Cydia should disappear then, reboot your iPad the moment the progress bar disappears.

4) It may take slightly longer for your iPad to boot up but this is a very normal procedure. Once rebooted, your iPad is jailbroken.

This is one of the safest and easiest ways to jailbreak your iPad. However, if it doesn’t work in the first go, do try again, as this is still in beta stage.

Note: Blogtechnika takes no responsible in case you brick your iPad as it is a procedure you do at your own risk.

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