How To Join MP3 Files In Bulk Using JoinExt

It’s always good to make use of playlist in your default media player but joining files always removes the hassle of making a favorite playlist again and again in the music player. It can also be useful if you wish to listen non stop podcasts in your favorite MP3 player or iPod.

There are several tools available which are efficient in joining files in bulk but the process will be much easier if you use JoinExt. It is a free application which lets you join several MP3 files to by right click context menu on Windows.

Download and install the free and small application (125KB) on your computer. Now collect all your favorite MP3 songs inside a single folder. Press “Ctrl+A” to select all the files. Now right click with the help of mouse and select the option “Join files”.


A wizard will open to decide the joining order of the files. You can click on any song name and click on the buttons “Move up” and “Move down” to change the order of the song. After selecting the file order, click on “Next” button.


Give a target to the file. You can save the joined file in the same location where all the files you are joining are stored. Give a name to the joined file. Here, if you see the screenshot, I didn’t give the file extension to the joined file. You can add .mp3 to it or you can add it later. Click “Next”.


The process of joining will start. It will take few seconds to complete the process depending upon number of files you are joining.


After the process completes up, click “Finish”.


Now go to the location where you saved the joined file. It has no extension because we didn’t give it earlier. Right click on the file and select “Rename” option.


Rename the file and add .mp3 in the file name so that it can show the property of mp3 file and easily open in the media player.


Open the file and enjoy the non stop song. You can notice in the below screenshot that the total duration of song is 54:03 which means it is a joined file.


That’s how you can batch join MP3 songs using this freeware application. Do you know an easier way than this to join several MP3 files to one? Mention the tool in the comments.

Download JoinExt [via Blogsolute].

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  1. never thought about joining the mp3 files, will give the application a try soon. also, have you tried the windows movie maker, i use it to join/edit video songs, never tried it on mp3 though,

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