How To Know The Data Usage Of Your iPhone

iPhone besides being our daily driver as a cell phone is also a device we use a lot to browse the web on the move and as a result data usage becomes an important thing. The browser and terrific screen on the device make the experience really good. However, on the move using 3G/2G or even LTE can be an issue on two counts. The first being that phone consumes battery and the second being that these services come with a data cap-ing. Most of the carriers worldwide allow for only about 1 GB of free data and there is a hefty fees beyond that data cap. In such a situation it becomes imperative to know the data usage of your iPhone. There are a few applications that let you monitor the data usage on iPhone, but you never know how much data would these applications themselves would consume.

So in this situation there is an inbuilt feature of the iPhone that lets you to track how much data usage has been done by your device. We do recommend that you make note of the date that you start to monitor the data usage and let it coincide with the day your billing period starts for perfectly accurate results.


1) To know the data usage of your iPhone, simply enter settings by clicking on the settings icon.
2) After you enter settings, click on General tab.
3) Under General Tab click on Usage.
4) In usage, open cellular usage which would be the last option on the page.
5) There you can see the data that your device has sent and received over the cellular network. It also holds the record for the amount of time you have made or received calls.

For accurate results you can reset the stats and start them all over again. Though the glitch here is that this data usage also includes the data sent over Wi-Fi so to make it all the more effective, do not use Wi-Fi unless you know you are using certain amount to download a particular app.

So that was a simple way to know the data usage of your iPhone. Do send in your comments in section below or Tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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