How To Know Your Computer’s Boot Time

Did you ever want to know that how much time required to boot up your computer? There are many factors that effects the booting time of your computer. You can use Msconfig to decrease the boot up time of your computer.

If you want to know that how much time your computer consumes in boot up then there is a small application for that purpose known as PC Boot Timer (128Kb size).

Download and install the application on your computer. It doesn’t requires installation to run. You can import and carry it in your pen drive easily. On first run, it will ask you to restart your computer. Click “Yes” if you immediately want to check the boot time of your PC.


If you’ll click on “No” button then a pop up will appear tells you that boot time utility will launch next time you restart your computer.

lboot time utility

On restart, Boot time utility works in a background so that it collects the data of the boot time. After restarting, a black window will appear asking you not to use keyboard and mouse connected with your PC. It might affect the boot time of your PC.


After your PC completes loading, the application will show you the bootup time of your computer. It displayed the bootup time of my computer as 133.006 seconds which is pretty close to the reality.

windows bootup time

After completing the whole process, when you click on the OK button, it will redirect you to the publisher’s website. It might be annoying to see some other software suggestions and feedback section. But overall this is a nice app to know the boot time of your PC.

This application is free to download and available only for Windows users.

Download PC Boot Timer to quickly know the PC boot time.

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