How To Know Your IP Address

IP address, in an average user language, is number allotted to the device for transfer of data in an internet communication. You might be surprised to know that your computer may have two different IP addresses. Internal IP address and External IP address. I am describing the differences between the two one by one.

Internal IP address

This is the IPv4 address of your computer in your home computer network. If you are using router then it is required during internet setup. You can check your internal IP address with the help of cmd command.

1. Click on “Start” button and type cmd in the search box. Press Enter.


2. In the cmd panel, type ipconfig and press enter.


3. It will display all the Windows IP configuration. Check the IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.


External IP address

This is the IP address assigned to you by your ISP (internet service provider). Finding external IP address is not so difficult. There are many online services for this purpose. I found a bit useful. It displays name of the ISP, connection type, city, region, country along with the IP address. It also displays your location in a map.


You can also use a What is my IP bookmarklet to know your IP address. Drag it to your bookmakr bar to use it.  Honeytechblog demonstrated its functionality pretty well.

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