How to Make Your Android Phone More Secure

Google’s Android is most popular mobile platform in the World. Daily more than a million of devices get activated. With increase in number of devices, number of malware and security breach methods also increasing. To resolve this problem Android developers are working hard to increase the security of OS.

If you want to make your device more secure then move over to SecDroid. An Android app the hardens Android kernel by disabling few binaries . It also secures TCP stack using Systctl. These security patchup would help preventing spoofing, DDOS and MITM attacks.

android-sec-droid android-security


To use this application, go to Google Play store and download and install the application. Note that to use this application you need to root your Android device before using this. In non rooted device, this application won’t work.

Here are the full list of binaries those are disabled by this app:

* irsii
* nano
* nc (net cat)
* netserver
* netperf
* opcontrol
* scp
* rsync
* sdptest
* ssh
* sshd
* strace
* tcpdump
* vim
* Telnet
* ping (Changed so only root can use)

* pm (package manager) is disabled so install apps via adb is disabled

Check Out SecDroid [ROOT].

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